What Are Six Ways to Get a Mouse Out of the House?

Get rid of mice by setting poisons around the house; killing them using food baits and spring-loaded traps; capturing them with live-catch traps or glue traps and removing them by hand; driving them out by removing all food and water sources; or repelling them with natural animal predators like cats or mouse catcher dogs. Another method is the use of a chemical or natural spray or an electronic repelling device.

Consider each method carefully before utilizing it. Poisons, while effective, can be deadly to family pets and small children. Additionally, poisons are gradual, allowing the mouse to expire in a separate, hard-to-reach location.

Snap traps are equally as hazardous to unintended victims if not set appropriately and need to be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Mice have also been known to evade a snap trap while still stealing the bait. Shop around for effective brands, or try using peanut butter as bait. Placing two snap traps side by side and blocking mouse pathways with snap traps can increase their effectiveness.

Glue traps are successful and non-toxic to humans. However, mice are caught live using these traps and if not released using vegetable oil, die slowly from dehydration, starvation, exposure or suffocation. These traps may be considered inhumane and are regulated in some areas. The best protection against mice in the house is preventing them from entering. Seal all openings that are a quarter inch or more in size.