How Do You Siphon Water Out of a Pool?

Submerge a garden hose in the pool and allow it to fill in order to start a siphon and empty the water. Place a hose cap on the end of the filled hose to keep the water inside. Move the capped end of the hose to the desired location for the water to drain before removing the cap.

Siphoning uses atmospheric pressure to move liquid from a body to a lower location. To drain the pool, the suction end of the hose must remain under the water at all times and the discharge end of the hose must be lower than the surface of the water. Attaching a weight to the suction end helps to keep it submerged in water until the pool is empty. Kinks in the hose, such as those that form where it bends over the edge of the pool, sometimes stop the water flow.

Before draining a pool, check local ordinances. Many do not allow draining the large water of volume into storm drains or sanitary sewers. If the home uses a septic tank, do not drain the water into the tank, as it floods the drain field and the chemicals in it kill the helpful bacteria in the tank. In most locations, the best alternative is to drain the pool onto the grass and allow it to absorb into the ground slowly.