What Are Sink Clips?


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Sink clips are clips that grip or hold a sink onto the counter. The clips work conjointly with silicone caulk, sealant or glue to prevent the sink from shifting and to keep it in one position.

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The two types of sink clips are those that directly clip the edge of the sink to the underside of the countertop and clips with two ends, which attach to the lip of the sink and the underside of the counter. At least four clips are required to hold a sink in place firmly.

To install sink clips, carefully cut the edges of the cutout on the countertop. Turn over the sink and, at a 45-degree angle, apply a bead of caulk along the underside of the sink's lip. Place the sink onto the cutout.

Working from below the countertop, attach the clips to the lip of the sink, and fasten them to the countertop with screws. Twist the clips until they sink is held tightly in place. Run a wet finger along the lip to smooth the caulk. Use a rag to wipe away excess caulk, and allow the caulk to dry before you use the sink. Required tools for the installation include a flathead screwdriver, utility knife, caulk gun and jigsaw.

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