What Are Some Simple Ways to Have Lights Without Electricity?

What Are Some Simple Ways to Have Lights Without Electricity?

Some simple ways to have lights without electricity include using candles, burning rushlights or torches and using kerosene lamps. Flashlights can also provide a lot of light when electricity is unavailable.

Candles are a popular electricity-free lighting option. They are affordable, easy to use and offer a pleasant glow. When candles are unavailable, wax crayons tied around a wick can work as a good substitute. A lantern can help protect candles from wind and amplify the light. Mason jars can make excellent makeshift lanterns. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors can amplify candle light throughout a larger space.

Rushlights are small natural torches made out of reeds such as cattails. To make these, dry rush stalks, strip the stems and soak the interior parts of the stalk with oil or tallow. Burn the rushlights in wick holders.

Kerosene lamps can provide lots of light with minimal effort. It's also possible to create a makeshift oil lamp by lighting a tin of sardines on fire. Inserting a wick into a tin of vegetable shortening or a jar full of bacon fat can also make a provisional oil lamp.

When batteries are available, battery-powered lights and flashlights are excellent light sources. To amplify a battery-powered light, stick a headlamp or an LED tea light onto the side of a jug filled with water to reflect the light.