What Are Some Simple Ways to Build Your Own Wood Stove?


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Simple ways to build a woodstove include converting a 55-gallon drum with a removable lid into a heating stove and building a small rocket stove using empty tin cans. The barrel stove works to heat a tent or workshop, while the rocket stove cooks a meal with a few twigs.

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What Are Some Simple Ways to Build Your Own Wood Stove?
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Make the wood heater by removing the top and cleaning the inside of the drum. Use caution when cleaning, especially if the drum once housed flammable liquids. Cut the top 1/3 from the drum using a jigsaw fitted with a metal cutting bit or a grinder. The bottom of the barrel forms the body of the stove, while the upper third provides materials for the door and draft door. Install a stovepipe in the lid and attach it to the top of the stove to direct smoke above the user's head.

Make the rocket stove using a gallon can with its lid, two 28-ounce cans and a part of a third can to make a fuel shelf. The stove uses the large can and one of the smaller cans in an upright position with a hole cut in the side to accommodate the third can to hold the twigs for fuel and provide the air vent for rocket heat. Fiberglass insulation prevents heat from leaking out of the stove, and a wire coat hanger forms a handle.

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