What Are Some Simple Tips to Troubleshoot a Central Air Conditioning System?


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Troubleshooting a central air conditioning system involves checking whether the filter is dirty, especially if it has not been changed in the past month, checking whether the unit is receiving power and ensuring that the thermostat setting is lower than the actual room temperature. These actions can help if the unit does not work at all, runs but does a poor job of cooling, or goes on and off repeatedly.

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If the central air conditioner does not go on automatically when the thermostat signals the need for cooling, the power supply to the unit could be at fault. A tripped breaker or a blown fuse could be the culprit in this case.

If the air conditioner is not cooling the house even though it is running, make sure that the thermostat temperature setting is below the room temperature. An extremely hot day can impact the unit’s effectiveness, especially if there are open doors and windows.

A dirty or blocked condenser or a dirty evaporator can cause the unit to shut on and off repeatedly. Usually, giving the entire unit a good wiping and removing any obstruction ends the problem. Engaging a professional is important if the problem persists or if you need to address the coolant.

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