What Are Some Simple Machines Around the House?

Simple machines are commonly found in household items, including screws, electric fans, bottle openers, scissors, window blinds and entrance ramps, according to Science Trek. Simple machines are the most basic mechanisms for improving work efficiency, and they provide a foundation for complex machines, such as elevators.

The six simple machines include levers, screws, pulleys, wedges, inclined planes and wheel and axles. Everyday examples of levers include light switches, hammer claws and door handles. Screw mechanisms are found on bottle caps, light bulbs, jar lids and ballpoint pen casings. Families that own clotheslines or flagpoles use pulleys to move the items side to side or up and down. Wedges are frequently found in utility tools, such as saws, axes, nails and knives. People use inclined planes whenever they walk on ramps or play on a backyard slide. Any household item with gears and rotating parts contains a wheel and axle, including clocks, pizza cutters and toy cars.