What Are Some Simple Living Room Paint Ideas?


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Choosing a color from a favorite watercolor painting is one idea, according to DIYHomeDesignIdeas. White, beige and classic tan colors blend well with living rooms, but an icy teal is an unexpected hue that beautifies living rooms. A fresh coat of paint revitalizes a room without having to redesign it.

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Warm and cool paint tones are two important color genres. Warm paint colors have a yellow or gold tinge and go well with wood pieces and textiles. Cooler colors are blues and greys. To achieve a cohesive look, the carpet, draperies and wall color should have the same genre color.

Choosing a paint color based on a piece of furniture or throw pillow creates consistency. Choosing a paint color that is a shade bolder than the current paint adds style to any living room.

Many realtors recommend that living room colors should be welcoming and neutral, so families can envision their living space. These neutral colors don't have to be bland and can include Feng shui colors. Feng shui colors can include the five basic elements of the Feng shui philosophy: wood, earth, fire, metal and water. The type of Feng shui colors chosen are based on the mood that the homeowner wants to exude. For instance, blue symbolizes the color of water, and lighter colors represent a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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