What Is Simple Green Made Of?

What Is Simple Green Made Of?

There are a few core chemicals, such as sodium carbonate, citric acid, ethoxylated alcohol, and sodium citrate, that are found in most Simple Green products. However, each Simple Green cleaning product has a different list of ingredients.

Ethoxylated alcohol is the primary cleaning agent in most Simple Green products. This ingredient acts as a surfactant, which removes dirt from surfaces when dissolved in water. Most Simple Green cleaning products also contain sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is used as an alternative to lye, which is included in many cleaners for its grease-dissolving abilities.

Sodium citrate acts as a builder. Builders enhance or maintain the surfactant's ability to clean, and they also reduce the hardness of water. Tetrasodium N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-L-glutamate, a substitute for EDTA, acts as a chelating agent, which combines with the metal ions in water. Once combined, the metal ions don't bind with the surfactant, making surfaces easier to clean.

Simple Green products also contain an isothiazolinone mixture. The isothiazolinone mixture is a biocide, which is a substance that kills living organisms, such as mold or bacteria.

Citric acid is a common ingredient of Simple Green because it captures dirt and soil. All Simple Green products also contain a non-specified fragrance, water and a non-specified colorant.