What Does a Simple Electric Fan Wiring Diagram Show?

Electric fan wiring diagrams vary depending on the fan model and manufacturer and range from simple to detailed; in general, wiring diagrams show the elements of the appliance's wiring structure including an illustrated color-coded wiring layout and electrical symbols with a key to determine what the symbols mean. A simple electric fan operates on a single-phase motor circuit.

When printing or copying an electrical wiring diagram for an appliance or any home electrical application, a color-coded diagram offers the benefit of providing correlating colors to the wiring. A volt tester is recommended when referring to a color-coded wiring system, but generally a black, red or blue wire indicates a hot wire, a green is the ground and white is neutral.

There are many online resources that provide illustrated fan wiring diagrams, such as BrightHubEngineering.com and Ask-the-Electrician.com. The most accurate diagram is associated with the specific fan; therefore, the specific diagram for the exact fan should be consulted.

The simplest wiring diagram for an electric fan is a single-phase motor circuit that is portrayed as a square and shows the flow of supply traveling towards a capacitor and motor. The single-phase motor features two terminals, the first is connected with the live wire of the power circuit and the second is connected with the neutral wire.