What Are Some Simple Dinner Table Setting Ideas?

What Are Some Simple Dinner Table Setting Ideas?

One simple dinner table setting idea is to place fresh-cut blooms inside of small tin cups at each setting at the table. This is visually appealing and makes the setting smell sweet, providing a pleasant ambiance for diners.

Another simple dinner table setting idea is to give the table a rustic theme. To do so, the host uses a red-and-black tablecloth patterned like a lumberjack's plaid shirt, and makes sure napkins match the colors. For this setting, the centerpiece should be a log cabin created using Lincoln Logs to help make the theme stand out.

Other simple setting ideas to complement different themes include mixing patterns to make the setting stand out, such as mixing striped and floral patterns to help each stand out. This can be enhanced by the host making small, natural additions to the setting such as tying plant stems into a ribbon around the table's silverware.

Another idea to complement various themes is for the host to visit craft stores for unexpected decorations such as using red rectangles of felt material as place mats or lengths of colorful ribbon with which to decorate the table.

An unexpected addition to a simple setting is a white dry-erase board. Including a brightly colored marker encourages guests to doodle before, during and after the meal, giving the evening a light-hearted atmosphere.