What Is Simichrome Used For?


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Simichrome is a metal polish used to restore the look of metal objects. Simichrome is designed to work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including chrome, steel, brass, gold and silver.

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Metal polish uses microscopic particles suspended in a liquid. As the polish is rubbed against the metal, these particles remove tarnish, oils and other material. As a result, most polishes, including Simichrome, don't work on lacquered or painted objects, and using polish on them removes the lacquer or paint.

Simichrome claims to use particles that are less abrasive than those used in other polishes, so removing some types of buildup might take a bit longer. Metal polishes often remove a tiny layer from the surface of the metal, and this can erode the items over time. The manufacturer of Simichrome claims that it doesn't remove metal when it's used, but it should be used gently on silver and gold, which are soft metals.

Simichrome leaves behind a thin coating when it's applied. Some metals tarnish over time as oxygen reacts with the surface metal, and the coating Simichrome leaves reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the metal. However, people looking to prevent tarnish may prefer to use coatings designed specifically for this task and apply them after polishing.

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