How Is Silverware Rolled in Paper Napkins?

Silverware can be rolled in a napkin by folding the napkin in half so that it forms a sideways triangle; silverware should be placed at the left edge of the napkin and the right point should be brought over and underneath the silverware. A silverware band can be added to the bundle to ensure that the utensils are secure.

A rolled napkin is one of the easiest ways that silverware can be combined with linens at a formal table setting, but another way to secure the silverware is by using a napkin pouch. A napkin pouch can be made by first laying the napkin on a flat surface. The top three layers should be brought from the right upper corner and folded down into the middle of the napkin. The napkin should then be flipped over and the right side should be folded to the middle of the back of the napkin. The napkin can then be returned to the front-facing position. Silverware can fit into the fold that was created while the napkin was laying face down. This style is more sophisticated than the traditional napkin roll.

According to proper dining etiquette, an individual should unfold the napkin when the meal begins and place it in his or her lap. If there is a need to leave the table during the meal, the napkin should be placed on the chair. Once the meal is finished, it should be neatly placed to the right of the plate.