How do you get Silly Putty out of clothes?


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Silly Putty can be removed from clothing with a blunt knife. Liquid dish soap, WD-40, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs and a soft cloth are also required.

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  1. Scour and spray the clothing

    Take the knife and scratch off the majority of the Silly Putty. Saturate any leftover putty with WD-40. Allow the clothing to stand for several minutes.

  2. Remove the excess putty

    Scrape the clothing to expunge the rest of the Silly Putty. Cover the stained area with WD-40 a second time, then rub the stain with a cotton swab.

  3. Rub alcohol on the stain

    Coat another cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Sponge this onto the stain and then rinse the area of alcohol.

  4. Clean with liquid dish soap

    Dampen a cloth with water and liquid dish soap. Mop away whatever is left of the stain.

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