What Are Some Sika Concrete Repair Products?


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Sika concrete repair products include MonoTop, FerroGard 903, leveling mortars and Elasticolor. MonoTop helps to repair spalls in concrete, while leveling mortars provide restoration and waterproofing in masonry work. FerroGard 903 penetrates the surface of repairs to coat reinforcement steel and prevent rust. Elasticolor prevents damage to concrete due to carbonation.

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Concrete spalling occurs due to the freeze thaw cycle that occurs water penetrates the surface and temperatures drop. The water enters the capillary-like tunnels that permeate the concrete. De-icing products make spalling worse by increasing the water movement into the concrete. Monotop is a polymer modified mortar that repairs spalling. It is easy to apply to vertical and overhead surfaces.

Leveling mortars fill small holes and restore a level surface. Sika leveling mortars also provide effective waterproofing that prevents further damage and expansion of the defect. FerroGard penetrates repair areas in concrete and prevents rust stains. Its penetrating ability extends the treatment to areas surrounding the repair for additional protection.

Elastocolor is a coating with crack-bridging ability, which prevents carbonation of concrete. It prevents water infiltration while allowing water vapor to move freely in both directions through the coating for diffusion. Along with its protective coating, Elastocolor enhances the appearance of the surface and allows the owner to choose durable colors for the concrete material.

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