What Are Some Signs That It Is Time to Replace Walk-in Cooler Doors?


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Damaged seals on a walk-in cooler's doors are signs that it's time to replace a walk-in cooler, because they allow cool air to escape through them, forcing the fridge to absorb more heat to cool the air inside the unit and causing energy loss. Doors that fail to close also require urgent repair or replacement. Other signs indicating the need for replacement include a very old unit and wall and floor deterioration.

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The walls and floor of a walk-in cooler tend to deteriorate over time due to liquid and solid spillage. Over the years, the insulation also starts to decay and work less effectively. The appearance of frost in areas without frost before indicates inconsistent cooling, which means the walk-in cooler cannot maintain the correct temperatures to store food safely. Replacement may be necessary if normal cooling doesn't resume after adjusting the thermostat.

Bizarre sounds coming from a walk-in cooler and temperatures inside the unit that differ from the temperatures shown on the thermostat are signs that the fridge needs repair. Owners of walk-in coolers that are more than 20 years old may consider buying new units with better energy efficiency.

When considering a new walk-in refrigerator, customers should choose units with heavy-duty doors as these are suitable if food service staff frequently open the doors. A positive door closer and automatic closing devices keep doors properly closed.

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