What Are Some Signs That Skunks Have Been in Your Yard?


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Some signs of having a skunk problem include finding multiple holes in flower beds, more often in the spring. Skunks tend to be most active in the spring, so finding 3- to 4-inch holes in the ground around this time is a telltale sign of having skunks.

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Skunks primarily eat grubs in people's yards, therefore they make holes throughout the yard. They are most commonly seen in wet soil, when grubs come up to the surface or near the flower beds. An obvious sign of a skunk nearby is the stench they leave when spraying, though not all skunks spray when they are present. A good way to get rid of skunks is by spraying the yard with a pesticide and avoiding overwatering, since this brings the grubs to the surface where skunks are enticed by them.

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