What Are the Signs a Keurig Needs Descaling?


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There are a range of signs that a Keurig coffee brewer needs descaling. Some of the most common problems related to clogged lines are slow to nonexistent water flow from the brewing spout and decreased water pump performance from the reservoir. The machine may also stop functioning entirely.

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A number of factors can lead to a clogged Keurig, including the composition of the water used in the machine. Soft water, which has fewer minerals than hard or spring water, is less likely to leave mineral deposits and create blockages. Other common causes are coffee grounds and sugar granules from flavored K-Cups that can also make their way into the lines.

After scaling has occurred, there are two primary methods of descaling a coffeemaker. Keurig launched its Keurig Descaling Solution specifically for this purpose. It is sold online and in most stores where Keurig machines are stocked and have received largely favorable reviews, such as Amazon or Walmart.

Another effective method is using a half-vinegar, half-water solution to clear the lines. The website Housewife How-Tos published an informative, step-by-step description of how to descale a Keurig using this method. The article includes the common user recommendation of lightly smacking the bottom of the machine a few times to dislodge extra debris before descaling.

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