What Are the Signs That Your Cesspool Needs Maintenance?


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There are six signs that show that your cesspool needs maintenance. They include pooling water, foul odors and slow drains. Other signs include sewage backup, unusually lush grass in the drain field, and nitrate concentration.

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If the system is working properly, the water will remain underground. When the tank fills, particles of solid waste can clog the pipes. This causes waste water to accumulate and rise into the drain field. Therefore, water pooling in and around the drain field indicates that the cesspool tank may be full.

A full cesspool tank emits strong odors. If smells begin to emanate from household drains, the area of the drain field or above the septic tank, the cesspool should be serviced. Related signs of a full tank include sewage backup into drains, and failure of slow drains to respond to commercial drain cleaning agents.

Grass in and around the drain field should remain the same as grass in other areas of the yard. If the grass around the drain field is greener and lusher by comparison, the liquid sewage from the cesspool may be rising to the surface and fertilizing the grass. A small amount of rising water is normal, but an excessive amount may indicate a failure in the septic system.

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