What Are Some of the Signs of Bedbugs?


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Some signs that bedbugs may be present in a home include blood stains on pillowcases, black or rust-colored stains on mattresses or walls, and an unusual odor. Another sign is itchy red bites that appear on the skin.

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What Are Some of the Signs of Bedbugs?
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Small blood stains on pillows or sheets can be a sign of an infestation of bedbugs. These stains are likely caused by bedbugs being crushed under a person sleeping. Finding black or reddish stains on furniture, beds or walls can be another indication of having bedbugs. These stains come from excrement left behind by the bugs. Small clear casings found around the seams of mattresses and furniture can be the exoskeletons left behind by the bugs as they grow.

Some people can smell an unusual sweet, moldy or musty odor in the home when there is a major infestation. Waking up itchy, especially if there are small red bite marks on the skin, could mean that there are bedbugs present. Bites from bedbugs tend to run in a straight line rather than appearing in a random pattern. If signs begin shortly after introducing a new piece of furniture into a home, it is likely that a bedbug infestation has been brought in.

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