What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs?


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In addition to red bites and welts that appear overnight, signs of a bed bug infestation include reddish-brown pinhead stains on bedding and surfaces. Additionally, tiny cream-colored eggs may be found in crevices, and insect carcasses or live bugs may be seen in hard-to-reach places in the bedroom.

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While unexplained bites are usually the first sign of a bed bug infestation, they could also be the result of other pests. Bed bug bites tend to occur all over the body in a zig-zag pattern. Bites on the lower legs only, on the other hand, could be fleas or other parasites living in the carpet. Flea bites also tend to have a red center, whereas bed bug bites show up as general irritated spots on the skin. Bed bug bites can also be mistaken for mosquito bites due to their similar appearance.

The stains that bed bugs leave behind are the result of digested blood. Bed bug feces is a dark reddish-brown color, and may soak into fabrics and cause stains. Crushing a bed bug that has recently fed, on the other hand, may produce a bright red bloodstain. Unexplained bloodstains on bedding could be the result of bed bugs crushed by nocturnal movements while attempting to feed.

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