What Are Some Signs of Bed Bugs?


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The most common signs of bed bugs include small, itchy bites on the skin and stains on mattresses and other soft surfaces. Bed bugs may be present on any fabrics in the home.

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Bed bug bites are often the first and most prevalent sign that the pests are present in the home. The bites often appear in a zigzag pattern on the body and may itch profusely for several days. If people in the home are waking with red welts or appear to have been bitten overnight, bed bugs may be the problem. Bed bugs may leave behind small dried blood stains on infected bedding. The blood stains occur when the pests are crushed after feeding.

Small dark stains that are black in appearance are typically caused by bed bug droppings. These stains may occur on any infested surface, including under and on mattresses, sofas, blankets and other bedding. Check mattresses thoroughly by examining hidden seams and underneath the bed for signs of the pests. Seams are common hiding places for bed bugs.

Curtains, clothing and cushioned furnishings may also house bed bugs, causing stains similar to those found on bedding and mattresses. Bed bugs may shed their dried exoskeletons in infested areas as the insects become larger. Shed exoskeletons from small bed bugs may be nearly invisible, while mature bed bugs shed a brown, insect-like shell that is brown or opaque in appearance.

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