Are Side by Side Refrigerators Better Than French Door Refrigerators?


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Whether a side by side refrigerator or a French door refrigerator is better depends on the user’s specific refrigerating needs, according to All Sate Appliances. Before purchasing, consider specific features, such as energy efficiency and available rebates.

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A French door refrigerator is a good choice for homeowners who spend a lot of time in and out of the refrigerator. The appliance design puts most of the usable space at a comfortable height. This is also a good option for storing a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits because there is no need to squat or bend to reach the crisper bins. The appliances also offer a bigger shelf space capable of storing party trays, pizza boxes, sheet cakes and whole turkeys.

A side by side refrigerator is ideal for accessing frozen foods often, because the freezer is at a comfortable height. The design offers better door clearance, making it ideal for narrow kitchens. Side by side refrigerators have multiple shelves, allowing for easy food organization.

Whatever the choice, there are some additional important features to consider looking at a French door or side by side refrigerator. These include high quality drawer glides, good energy efficiency, rebates, new technology for food preservation and adjustable shelves.

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