What Are Some Shrubs With Poisonous Berries?

What Are Some Shrubs With Poisonous Berries?

Some shrubs with poisonous berries are the Daphne, Japanese yew, bitter nightshade and English holly. These bushes produce berries that are attractive to birds, ensuring seed propagation. However, these berries are toxic to humans.

The Daphne shrub produces clusters of bright red berries. The whole plant is toxic. Daphne poisoning produces diarrhea, convulsions, delirium, headaches and nausea. The bark, sap and berries have the highest concentration of poison.

The Japanese yew produces single-seed scarlet fruit with a nontoxic pulp. The poison is found in the seeds, twigs and needles. Contact with this plant can be lethal without warning signs. The plant also causes decreased heart function, trembling and labored breathing.

The bitter nightshade is a highly invasive shrub. It produces white or purple flowers and egg-shaped orange or red berries. Underdeveloped berries have the highest poison content. Bitter nightshade toxicity results in fever, hallucinations, convulsions and death.

The English holly has green and yellow leaves. It produces clusters of yellow, orange or red berries with high poison concentration. The leaves, bark and seeds are also toxic. Symptoms include stomach pain, nausea and low blood pressure.