What Are Some Shrubs That Grow Well in Shady Areas?


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Mountain laurels, emerald and gold euonymus, hemlocks, sky pencil hollies and Japanese rose are shrubs that thrive in the shade. Hemlocks, emerald and gold euonymus, and sky pencil hollies are non-flowering shrubs, while mountain laurels and Japanese rose produce blooms at certain times of the year.

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Mountain laurels, which are native to the woods of the eastern United States, bloom in the late spring, producing clusters of red and white flowers. Japanese rose is one of the hardiest deciduous shrubs, producing bright yellow blooms in the fall. Emerald and gold euonymus is an evergreen shrub with emerald and gold colored leaves. Its leaves are greener when it grows in the shade. Hemlocks and yews are dense, needling shrubs that can be used for topiary.

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