What Are Some Shrubs That Flower in Autumn?

What Are Some Shrubs That Flower in Autumn?

Shrubs that flower in autumn include the indigenous Plectranthus species, sasanqua camellia, purple pearls, red wall and rose glow. Other autumn-flowering shrubs include ribbon bush, bush violet, lion's ear and the misty plume bush.

Red wall has deep green color in summer and spring. In autumn, it turns to the glowing fire-engine red color. The scrub produces blueberries in autumn, but its red foliage color makes it a focal point. The plant can make a beautiful shady fence as it is fast growing and turns into a mass of foliage.

Purple pearls flowers in the autumn, producing bountiful purple color and pink flowers. The shrub has purple berries that are clear as the pink flowers fade away. The shrub has a deep green foliage with purple shades.

Brandywine shrub has glossy foliage that blossoms into dark maroon-red color in autumn. It has bunches of vivid mixed pink and blueberries that develop from the white spring flowers. The spring flower clusters develop into a full-fledged autumn berry display.

Ceratostigma willmottianum blossoms into bubbly sapphire flowers in autumn. When pruned in winter, the shrub starts producing flowers in late summer and blooms throughout the fall. The shrub has deep green leaves that display sunset shades, making the stunning blue flowers vivid.