What Is Shown on a Kwikset Handleset Parts Diagram?

A Kwikset handleset parts diagram shows the parts that make up a Kwikset door handle. There are different diagrams for each model of door handle produced by Kwikset. The handleset models include the handleset, as well as the deadbolt mechanism.

The handleset parts diagram shows the door handle parts, as well as the parts for the locking mechanism included in the handleset kit. It indicates where wood screws, mounting screws and assembly screws should be placed for assembly.

For the Farmington model of handset, which is similar to many of the Kwikset handleset models, the diagram shows the grip handle, exterior thumbpiece and stems. It indicates how those pieces connect to the interior knob and rose assembly, the 1/2-inch throw plainlatch, and the strike. The deadbolt lock mechanism diagram shows the five-pin cylinder that connects to the adapter, the interior turnpiece and rose assembly, the 1-inch throw deadbolt and the strike.

The handleset parts diagram can be used prior to assembly and mounting to determine if all of the correct parts were included with the kit. The diagram gives the user the specific direction needed to complete the assembly of the handleset mechanism and the lock mechanism. Parts diagrams can be found on the Kwikset Web page.