What Are Some Shower Repair Tips?


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Checking proper setup of the water temperature and replacing a defective heating element are good shower repair tips if there's no hot water. If the shower has low water pressure, review the shower manufacturer's manual, and check for hard water deposits in the faucet or shower plates by disassembling the shower head according to the manual. Submerge the plate in descaling solutions if hard deposits are present.

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To repair a dripping shower with a cartridge-style faucet, go to your home's main valve to switch off the water supply, and take off the handle cap by using a small pocketknife, loosening and removing the handle screw, and pulling out the handle. Check if a clip or spring secures the cartridge to the faucet body.

If there's a removal cap, loosen the cartridge by turning it after aligning the cap with the cartridge ears. Use a cartridge puller that matches your particular faucet if the old cartridge is hard to remove. Once you remove the cartridge, install the replacement cartridge, and reassemble the components.

Shower problems requiring an experienced plumber's service include lack of hot water due to a worn-out cold water supply dip tube, improperly working shower resulting from defective crossed connection pipes, and overly hot water associated with defective heating elements or a malfunctioning thermostat. These problems need a plumber's expertise and special tools.

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