What Are Some Shower Renovation Ideas?

What Are Some Shower Renovation Ideas?

When renovating a bathroom, try changing tile colors or adding glass doors in place of the shower curtain. To renovate on a budget, update the fixtures and paint to give a bathroom a new look.

Another way to renovate and refresh a bathroom is by updating the grout and caulk. Caulk and grout are very inexpensive, and new grout gives a fresh look to a bathroom space.

When renovating a bathroom, refinish bathroom fixtures instead of buying new models. This gives the homeowner more control to create a custom look because he is not limited by what a store has to offer. Any fixture made of cast iron, porcelain or fiberglass can be refinished in several different ways, and refinishing gives a new look to beloved fixtures.

Painted brick adds a rustic look to bathroom and shower walls. For a dramatic renovation, tear down walls and install floor-to-ceiling glass. Or, install inset doors and for a bigger, brighter look.

Add textures and patterns to make a bathroom more modern. Combining texture and clean lines adds an interesting look to a bathroom, especially when paired with modern chrome fixtures.

Try using recycled materials in a bathroom remodel. Old metal or woodwork well as shelving above the toilet or next to the sink. Search garage sales and antique sites for vintage light fixtures for an old-fashioned bathroom.