How Does a Shower Mixer Tap Work?

A manual shower mixer tap mixes the water and allows the user to control the tap until the water is at the right temperature. The thermostatic tap mixer valve contains a device that measures the temperature of the water flowing through the valve.

The shower mixer tap is a valve. The two types of shower mixer taps are the manual mixer tap and the thermostatic mixer tap. In the manual shower mixer tap, once the user controls it to the desired temperature, the user can then switch over to the shower and it sends the same temperature water through the shower head.

For a manual mixer to function properly, the hot and the cold water should be at the same pressure. Problems with a manual mixer arises when the pressure of the cold and hot water differ. When there is a difference in water pressures, use of pressure-reducing valves can solve the problem. The pressure-reducing valve equalizes the pressure going through the valve by reducing the cold or hot pressure to the value preset by the owner. The spring-loaded diaphragm controls a ceramic disc that is raised or lowered according to the pressure required. The thermostatic tap mixer valve senses the water flow and pressure drop and regulates the flow of water.