What Are Shower Door Sweeps?


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Shower door sweeps are the seals on the bottom of the stall doors. The sweeps prevent water from leaking out of the shower stalls when in use.

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Found at the bottom of stall door, the shower door sweep is a narrow strip of rubber shaped like a curb or with two flaps that press to the floor. It adheres in a cupping grasp to the bottom of the stall door by pressure, instead of an adhesive.

The door sweep is a crucial part of the shower door that stops water from coming out, preventing damage to the flooring of the bathroom. Door sweeps can degrade over time and lose their ability to contain water inside of the shower stall. If the integrity of the seal is compromised, then the door sweep has to be replaced entirely. It is important to replace the door sweep quickly, as potential damage to the flooring is more costly than a new door sweep.

Residue from soap and minerals can build up on a sweep, diminishing its function. This can be cleaned with general spray cleaner with a brush or pad. Proper maintenance improves the cleanliness of the area that inevitably diminishes in a damp environment in regular contact with beating water.

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