How Does a Shower Diverter Valve Work?

A shower diverter valve enables a shower to be installed in a tub without a separate shower enclosure by using a rubber washer to cut off water supply from the tub and divert it to the shower head. There are several positions where the shower diverter valve can be placed, such as between the faucet and the spout or as a pull arm on the center of the faucet.

A shower diverter valve helps to reduce the space needed for a shower and tub and eliminates the need for extra pipes and plumbing work for installation. The three main types of shower diverter valves are listed below.

Three-valve diverter

This type of diverter is located between the taps on a two-tap faucet. It is capable of bringing water to both the shower and the tub. The cold and hot water faucets are both used to create the desired temperature of water. The diverter is turned in one direction to send the water to the shower and the other direction to send it back to the tub.

Two-valve diverter

A two-valve shower diverter is used on one faucet that controls the temperature of the water by turning it from one side to another to get the desired temperature. The two-valve diverter is located in the center of the faucet.

Tee diverter

The single-valve diverter is located in the tub spout. The tee is pulled up when the water temperature is correct and the water is sent to the shower head.