Why Shouldn't You Buy an Appliance Warranty?


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The biggest reason to not buy an appliance warranty is that modern appliances are reliable and rarely break during the coverage period. If they do happen to break, consumers may already be covered.

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New appliances are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, so buying an extended warranty is duplicating coverage for the period already covered. In addition, if appliances need service or repairs, they often are no more expensive than the cost of the warranty. Under a warranty, consumers may not have a choice of repair facility and may be obligated to use the one chosen by the warranty issuer. Even with a warranty, details in the fine print may be used to deny coverage.

If there is a problem with an appliance that is affecting a large number of consumers, the manufacturer may fix or replace it, even if it is no longer covered under warranty. In some cases, consumers may already be covered by their credit card companies or by insurance. Many products come with an implied warranty due to state laws requiring products to perform as expected and be free from defects. In many cases, trying to get repairs done under warranty is not worth the time and hassle, and should the need arise, consumers are better off handling repairs on their own.

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