What Should You Do When a Water Well Goes Dry?

Repair a dry well by drilling the well deeper or changing the position of the water pump inside the well. Some homeowners may need to drill a new well on the property or seek water from other sources within the community. Repairing a dry well can take several weeks, depending on the problem and the chosen solution.

  1. Contact a water well drilling company

    A professional water well drill company can determine the exact cause of the problem and offer solutions to remedy the problem.

  2. Identify the possible solutions

    If water is present in the well, it may be possible to reach the water by lowering the pump deeper into the well. Other homeowners may need to deepen the existing well to reach water, or they may have to drill a new well. Some homeowners can also choose to connect the property to a community well or a city water system if these options are available.

  3. Obtain the needed services

    If the water well must be drilled deeper or the pump needs to be extended deeper into the well, a water well company can provide the needed services. Homeowners who connect to a community or city water system may be required to pay some fees for the service.