How often should you water your grass?


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Water your lawn twice each week, providing enough irrigation to supplement natural rain so it receives two 1/2-inch doses of water. Use a rain gauge or empty tuna cans set level on the lawn to measure the amount of water. Less frequent watering provides the correct air-to-moisture ratio in the soil that encourages roots to grow deeper for a healthier lawn that withstands drought. The exact schedule depends on the type of grass, soil conditions and weather.

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Another way of measuring the proper amount of irrigation is by testing the depth of water penetration. A long screwdriver should penetrate the lawn to a depth of 6 to 8 inches before you feel resistance after irrigation. In order to provide moisture to this depth without runoff, you may need to operate the sprinklers for two or more 10- to 15-minute intervals with a break between.

Determine if the lawn is ready for watering again by looking for footprints after walking across it. If they remain visible, it is time for more water. A second indication is the color of the grass changing from a bright green to a smoky gray-blue color. If you do not see these indicators, wait another day, and check again before watering.

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