How Often Should the Water Filter on a GE Refrigerator Be Changed?

How Often Should the Water Filter on a GE Refrigerator Be Changed?

The water filter on a GE refrigerator should typically be changed when the indicator light comes on. Some refrigerators do not have an indicator light. In those situations, the water filter should be changed once every six months or according to the instructions in the owner's manual.

To change a water filter in a GE refrigerator:

  1. Remove the old filter
  2. Do not pull on the filter cartridge when trying to remove it. Instead, slowly turn it to the left. There will probably be some water that will come out of it as it is being removed. If the cartridge is a model that comes with an adaptor, this must be removed from the refrigerator too.

  3. Mark and fill
  4. Use the stickers included with the filter cartridge to mark it with the month and year that it is being replaced. This serves as a reminder of when it should be replaced again. Then fill up the cartridge with water from the tap.

  5. Insert the filter
  6. Put the cartridge into place and slowly turn it to the right. Be careful not to over-tighten it. Instead, turn it until it stops naturally. The turning action automatically moves the cartridge into the correct position.

  7. Run the water and reset the light
  8. Run the water through the filter for about 3 minutes in order to clear it. Then reset the indicator light, if the refrigerator has one.