How Should I Wash White Clothes?


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White clothing can become dingy over time, so it is important to take extra care when laundering white items. Choosing the right wash temperatures, laundry additives and drying techniques can all help preserve that fresh white appearance./

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  1. Separate whites from colors

    Begin by sorting clothes based on color. Then, sort the clothes further by separating them according to wash temperature, wash cycle and level of dirtiness.

  2. Use the hottest acceptable water temperature

    While washing in cold water has become a popular choice to save energy and reduce costs, it doesn't always produce the best results. To keep white clothes white, use the hottest water temperature possible. Always consult the care label to determine the maximum safe temperature for the fabrics being laundered. Water that is too hot may cause fabrics to shrink or become misshaped.

  3. Use additives

    Adding bleach to a load of white laundry whitens and disinfects it. The main disadvantages of using bleach are possible skin irritation and a weakening of fabrics. Too much bleach may also cause fabrics to turn yellow or gray. To reduce the amount of bleach per load while keeping fabric white, add half of the normal amount of bleach and supplement it with an equal amount of baking soda. Gentler alternatives to chlorine bleach include lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide.

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