How Should You Vent a Dryer?


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Making a vent for a dryer requires drilling a hole in the outside wall to attach the vent from the dryer to the outside. It also requires a vent cover to prevent outdoor debris and animals from entering the vent.

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Home Depot suggests using rigid sheet metal about 4 inches wide as the piping for the dryer vent. Other flexible metal dryer ducts are also available to make the job easier. First, attach the piping to the dryer. Then use a 4-inch or 4 1/4-inch hole saw to drill a hole on the outside of the house for the pipe attachment. Attach the pipe to the hole. On the outside of the house, attach a hood or floating cap vent hood over the hole using a screwdriver and wood screws. Seal around the hood or floating cap vent with silicon caulk to prevent air from returning into the house.

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