Why Should You Use Natural Dog Flea and Tick Control?


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The biggest benefit of using natural flea and tick control on dogs is that the effective natural compounds are generally safer than some over-the-counter formulas. Flea and tick control is important for the health and comfort of both humans and animals.

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Fleas and ticks can carry serious diseases, and many of them can affect both humans and dogs. Popular over-the-counter types of flea and tick control, including most flea collars, contain toxic substances that can be dangerous even in small amounts. Topical treatments allow the spread of these chemicals from the dog's fur to furniture, clothing and human skin. Natural methods, including citrus baths and some essential oils, are usually safer. However, some can be toxic to dogs, including some popular methods such as pennyroyal oil.

A side benefit of natural flea and tick control is a cleaner home. Most natural methods rely on regular vacuuming and washing, as well as frequent grooming of the dog. Frequent combing and bathing can also be a pleasant experience for the dog and provide quality bonding time.

Natural methods of flea and tick control are often less effective than chemical methods, so owners should consult their veterinarians to balance safety and efficacy. There are also some topical chemical treatments that are less dangerous, including fipronil and imidacloprid. Oral treatments may also be safer for homes with pregnant women or small children, because the chemicals do not transfer into the environment.

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