How Should You Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker?

To troubleshoot a Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker, first identify the issue as precisely as possible then work through the possible solutions until the issue is resolved. A troubleshooting chart, such as the one available on, can help you identify possible solutions.

If the ice maker is making too much ice, or if it won't shut off, then you should check the shutoff arm and the shutoff switch. If the ice maker isn't making any ice, then first check the shutoff arm and switch. Another likely cause would be the water supply. Check the supply valve and line along with the inlet valve and switch. Next, check the freezer temperature to make sure that it's cold enough to create ice.

If the cubes are too small, start by adjusting the cube size control. If this does not solve the problem, then check the ejector motor, mold heating element and thermostat.

If the ice tastes bad, remove any old food from the freezer. You should also wash out and clean the ice tray. If the taste remains, flush the supply line and check the water filter. If it's still not fixed then the next step is to check the supply line filter.