Why Should Torsion Spring Adjustment Be Left to Professionals?


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Torsion spring adjustment is difficult because the springs contain hundreds of pounds worth of kinetic energy and can cause great injury if something goes wrong during the adjustment. A poor grip can cause the springs to uncoil rapidly, and old torsion springs become damaged with age and can break into pieces.

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The torsion spring on a garage door system provides the counter-balance necessary to easily lift up the door. This spring is usually visible up high on the wall above the garage door and looks just like a long, coiled spring. Most torsion springs last for tens of thousands of door openings and closings but eventually need adjustment and even replacement. This is a dangerous task for do-it-yourselfers to consider.

Torsion springs are up high, so a proper step ladder is needed to work on the spring. It is also under a lot of tension, holding back a few hundred pounds of pressure. Just adjusting a new spring is hazardous because the long hand tool used to tighten the spring may slip from a person's grip and swing outwards with great force. Older springs are frequently very brittle, so they can snap and fly apart when someone starts loosening the spring to replace it. A wayward finger or piece of skin can also get pinched and torn between the coils of the spring too.

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