How Should You Store Coal for Home Heating?

How Should You Store Coal for Home Heating?

Coal used for home heating can be stored essentially anywhere. The most important factor in storing coal is that it is kept dry. Coal does not spoil and lasts indefinitely when properly stored.

Coal can be safely stored inside, outside or even underground. It is best to keep it covered for protection and easier transportation. A good way to store coal inside an individual’s house is to keep it in 5-gallon plastic buckets. For a good outside storage method for coal, an individual can keep it in 55-gallon steel drums with tight lids. Burying the coal underground may also be a good storage option, as long as appropriate precautions are taken.

Coal is easier to store than wood. Coal does not rot, deteriorate or get burrowed into by insects as wood does.

Coal can be purchased in as large of an amount as an individual wants to store. It is generally available for purchase in 40- or 50-pound bags or in bulk. Bulk, or loose, coal costs less than bagged coal.

The advantages of using coal for home heating include its cheap price, versatility and capability to be used without electricity. Coal maintains a very hot fire that generally lasts six to eight hours.