How Should You Start Decorating Your Office Space?


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Start decorating your office space by following a few simple steps. Choose what decorations you want, decide where to place them, arrange your furniture for inspiration and organize your office.

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  1. Determine your personal taste

    Look at your current space. Think about your personal taste. If you enjoy sports, think about decorating with sports memorabilia. If you like knickknacks, display them by your desk.

  2. Choose the correct location for items

    Once you decide on the items you want to display, figure out where to put them. Think about the message you want to send. If you place photos facing out toward visitors instead of facing inward, you are sending a message about your values. A welcome mat by the door gives your space a warm, welcoming feel.

  3. Arrange your furniture

    Place your furniture in a location that inspires you. Move your chair around until you find the best fit. A good idea is to give yourself a view out of a window from your desk. If you don't have a window, paint the wall or add a piece of art.

  4. Organize your work space

    Add a homey touch to your office by organizing your office with baskets or bins. Label the bins to make accessing them convenient. Hang a bulletin board on the wall to organize notes and memos.

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