How Should Someone Clean a Brick Fireplace?

How Should Someone Clean a Brick Fireplace?

Someone who wants to clean a brick fireplace needs a tough bristle brush, fireplace brick cleaner and a spray bottle full of water. To clean the brick, spray it with water, scrub until large stains loosen, and then use the fireplace brick cleaner.

The following steps will make it simple to clean fireplace brick.

  1. Spray the fireplace bricks with water
  2. Spray the fireplace bricks with water liberally. Once they are well covered, begin brushing.

  3. Brush until the stain loosens
  4. Take the bristle brush and brush heavy stains until they begin to loosen. Keep repeating the water and stain brushing process until the stains are faded.

  5. Use the fireplace brick cleaner
  6. Apply the fireplace brick cleaner according to the packaging's instructions and scrub the stain. Keep repeating the process until the stain fades. Take a cloth and use it to absorb any remaining liquid. Individuals who do not want to use a specialized cleaner can try mixing vinegar and water.

People who want to avoid further stains should try to find out if there is something preventing the smoke from leaving the chimney. Some causes include dampers that do not open fully and over sized fires. If there is a large amount of ash present, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. When clearing away ash, consider wearing a dust mask.