How Should a Small Backyard Guest House Be Landscaped?

How Should a Small Backyard Guest House Be Landscaped?

There is not one proper way to landscape a small backyard guest house, as the belief of what looks best is subjective and each person will have their own opinion. However, there are many different options available suggested by gardening and architectural magazines and blogs, including creating a garden on the exterior of the guest house, adding lush vegetation for a luxurious feel or opting for a cleaner, zen-inspired look with concrete squares interspersed with grass and thin trees.

Lushome's blog suggested the first unique look, which involves taking vegetation and placing it on the exterior of the guest house. This changes the feel of the backyard and makes the guest house more of a garden home. This can be especially beautiful in smaller backyards or ones that do not have mature trees.

The second look involves creating a lush backyard with mature trees, thick and flowing bushes and plenty of unique plants. This look should emphasize luxury and should be intriguing to the eye with a variety of vegetation.

The third look, suggested by the Dwell on Design blog, involves using concrete to create square patches that are interspersed throughout the clipped lawn, creating a zen-inspired atmosphere. Thin trees can then be added to provide clean lines that help fuel the zen vibe.

Any of these three looks would be beautiful additions to a guest house backyard, as would any other looks a homeowner can dream up.