How Often Should a Residential Crown Hot Water Boiler Be Serviced?


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Crown Boiler recommends different service cycles for various residential hot water boilers, as of 2015. The company's installation manuals provide maintenance checklists for each of its products to be performed by qualified service technicians.

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Crown Boiler gas heaters require annual maintenance unless a problem occurs demanding interim service. Consumers are not qualified to work on any of the systems related to gas boilers. If the homeowner suspects a gas leak, emergency protocols include evacuating the building without touching any appliance, electrical switch or phone. Once out of the building, contacting the gas supplier or fire department from a neighbor's phone is required.

The homeowner is responsible for weekly or monthly checks limited to ensuring there are no items around the boiler that are flammable, block airflow or emit volatile gases that are capable of causing corrosion. These include items such as paint, solvents, cleaning solutions or cat litter.

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