When Should You Replace the Blade on a NutriBullet?

The makers of NutriBullet recommend replacing the NutriBullet extractor blade every six months, or at any point when its performance deteriorates, to ensure that the NutriBullet continues to work properly. Order NutriBullet replacement extractor blades from the manufacturer's website, NutriBullet.com.

NutriBullet's patented extractor blade is designed to break down the seeds, stems and skins of fruits, vegetables and other edible plants. The seeds, stems and skins are the parts of plants that carry the most nutrients. The nutrient-rich beverages that the NutriBullet creates are called NutriBlasts. Consumers can also use the NutriBullet to make nutrient-rich soups, dips, dressings and desserts.