How Should a Refrigerator Be Prepared for Trash Pickup in DeKalb County?

Refrigerators must have secured or removed doors to qualify for trash pickup in DeKalb County, Georgia. Individuals should lay the removed doors in a way that prevents children or the wind from moving them. Only empty refrigerators are accepted for curbside pickup. Appliance pickup is available for residential curbside customers and all others are assessed a fee.

When placing the refrigerator on the right-of-way, it should not block the sidewalk, roadway, mailbox, drainage ditch or utilities. Once the refrigerator is properly placed, individuals can contact the DeKalb County Sanitation Division to schedule a pickup. Email and telephone number information is available online at by clicking the Find a Department link at the top of the home page, and then selecting Sanitation Division under the Public Works heading.

In addition to refrigerators, DeKalb County Sanitation also picks up furniture, freezers and Christmas trees. Tree parts, including stumps, not exceeding 50 pounds in weight and four feet in length are picked up at the curb as well. Additional household garbage requires the purchase of a special blue bag and is also picked up at curbside. Deceased pets are picked up by the sanitation department as long as the pickup is scheduled in advance and the animal is inside of a securely tied plastic bag. Some services may require a fee.