When Should I Prune My Winter Jasmine?


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Winter jasmine should be pruned immediately after it flowers in the spring. Jasmine blooms on buds produced the previous year, so waiting too long to prune it could result in cutting off developing buds, states Gardening Know How.

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Proper pruning results in more attractive, healthier plants. Gardeners should be sure to remove any dead wood at the time of pruning. This is an excellent time to inspect the plant for any signs of insect infestations, fungal diseases or viral pathogens. Old stems and branches that no longer produce flowers should be removed during this time. Jasmine vines tend to tangle over time, so cutting back tangled areas helps keep the plants healthy by allowing access to light and air circulation.

Gardeners also should prune jasmine to remain within the confines of the arbor or trellis that is supporting it.

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