What Should You Do to Prepare for Electrical Power Outages?

Prepare for electrical outages by putting together a basic emergency preparedness kit, keeping the car's gas tank filled and keeping cell phones fully charged. Have flashlights with fresh batteries for light and avoid the use of candles, which often cause fires.

An emergency preparedness kit provides items necessary for surviving many different types of disasters. It should include a first aid kit, battery-powered radio with extra batteries and non-perishable food and water. Add a hand-crank can opener to the kit for any canned foods. Other supplies to keep with the kit include medications, blankets and a change of clothing.

In the event of a widespread power outage the electric gas pumps at service stations cannot operate. With a full fuel tank, the family can often drive to another area where power is available to get more supplies if necessary.

Cell phones provide communication with the outside world, but they require charging. Owners may want to consider alternative ways of recharging phones in the event of an emergency. If using an automobile battery to charge the phone, make sure you do not discharge it to the point it no longer starts the car. Some hand-crank radios and flashlights have a port for charging the cell phone. In the event of a power outage, switch the phone to its energy saving mode to conserve power.